I think it is important to understand what is happening with our environment. It is only by understanding that we can grow. If there is something that needs addressing, we need to address it. For that reason, I believe it is important to realize the concerns of our adversaries. I think at some point, they will have valid issues that we can address within our own community. It would be foolish to simply disregard everything that comes from them simply because of where its coming from. For that reason, I am going to list the two biggest groups responsible for closing down access to our lands.

I think it would be wise to keep a watchful eye on them, and always keep an open mind to what they are saying. Now, I am not saying that I agree with their message. I am simply saying that I think it is wise to listen to what they are saying. I think there will always be room for growth in myself and my community. I am hopeful that I will be reasonable enough to recognize issues that I might be able to help mitigate in an effort to stop the negative impact that might come from their lack of attention. Whew…. that was long winded…lol  No longer a grass roots club with an eye on keeping our forest green. This group involves itself in every aspect of our governments. From small town issues to federal legislations. I believe it is the “PETA” of environmental issues.  They are so well funded that they have to search out issues in which to stick their noses into. They simply allow their unsuspecting contributors to sleep better at night thinking they are actually helping to preserve their right to go out and enjoy the out of doors.  This group has a huge wallet and they are responsible for creating the litigation that overwhelms our courts to close down our lands. They will not be happy until no one can ever set their foot down onto a dirt path ever again. 

These are simply my opinions and I stand by them.

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